At infogr8 our purpose is to unlock the value in Data for Everyone®

Our ten core products blend data storytelling with creativity, enabling our clients to realise the potential and power of their data in visually stunning ways.

Our product matrix

Everything we do is designed to unlock value for our clients through the power of data for everyone. Each of our products releases one of three types of value.
engagement offering includes infographic, data broadcast and interactive retail moduleKnowledge offering includes data tool, interactive report and data portaleffectiveness offering includes proof of concept, workshop, playbook and data design system


Data visualisation boosts engagement
Enhance your connection with your audiences and gain value through boosted awareness and interest in your organisation.
Present the facts in a visually stunning illustrated information graphic, developed to suit your story and your brand identity.
Tell your story with clarity in the most illuminating way possible through our rich, motion-based creative data visualisations, used for special TV and web broadcasts, event sequences, PR and key company presentations.
Transform everyday elements of a retail customer experience – both online and in-store – into unique visual experiences, blending your brand’s data with consumer interaction in innovative formats.


Data Broadcast

Interactive retail module


Data visualisation deepens knowledge
Present deeper level data storytelling in ways everyone can understand and gain value through shared knowledge and insight.
Custom-built interactive data tools at a range of scopes, always delivering user-friendly information discovery within an on-brand creative environment.
Transform your traditional report into a contemporary user experience, where data design meets editorial expertise to deliver an interactive, creative and easy-to-digest story.
Harness the insight and value of rich data in one place with a beautiful front end that combines form with function. A portal that opens up value beyond an analyst audience to deliver an engaging experience for viewing and contrasting the metrics that matter to you.

Data tool

Interactive report

Data portal


Data visualisation unlocks organisational effectiveness
Enhance your data strategy and gain value through increased organisational purpose, clarity and focus on the smart use of data.
Work with our data led experts to develop your minimum viable product. Test its impact and build the business case for its further development in light, fast and effective ways.
This practical data design ecosystem provides you with reusable data design components, developed to complement your existing design language. This practical ecosystem provides you with a big box of reusable data design components, assembled for teams to be guided by documentation and develop iteratively.
Ensure your teams are armed with effective principles and tactics to deliver purposeful, consistent and always on-brand data led content that enable your audiences to receive the right message, at the right density at the right time.

Proof of concept

Data design system