When infogr8 launched in 2012, data was already integral in business and society…

... but we could see that something was missing in how it was being presented. The internet was delivering new visual experiences, technology was becoming more fluid, and forward-thinking design principles were there to embrace. Yet the dots still weren't quite being connected when it came to visual data.

So ever since, we have made it our mission to make data accessible and attractive for everyone - not just analysts.
Richard Silvester
Founder & CEO

Over the last decade we’ve been fortunate to develop multi-award winning work. Even more important to us however are our long-term relationships with our clients, partners and specialists which help us deliver on our Data for Everyone® mission.

From the beginning, our Founder & CEO Richard Silvester has been the strategic advisor to the expert teams around him while driving infogr8 towards meeting its mission. As a natural complement to this, he also takes an active seat on the board of directors at the Data Visualization Society.

“Data can be overwhelming – which is why our approach is all about democratising it,” says Richard. “We’re noticing briefs becoming ever more purpose-centred, with organisations realising the huge need to share genuine and accessibly-presented evidence of their progress towards goals. This is really motivating for our teams, and also a key driver of growth for our partners and future clients as we emerge from COVID-19”.

Delivered through a more effective operating model


Global data design expertise


At infogr8, you work directly with our light and strategic management team of data, design and tech experts.

It also allows us to work without the ‘anchors’ that slow down traditional consultancies and agencies – so we can deliver our clients the highest quality work whilst passing on time and resource efficiencies.


Our network model enables us to form high value, integrated specialist teams. As we mobilise 100+ of the world's most skilled visual data experts, we’re bringing together talent that would not be possible in a traditional studio setting.

Finally, we believe our culture is the best in the business. Our most talented experts pick the sectors and topic matters they are passionate about, this means more engaged, purposeful work for our teams and a better work life balance.

Our brand values

Our mission is to unlock the value of data for everyone creatively.
Less push more purpose

Smart, valuable and fulfilling

infogr8 is a specialist network - with more agility than any agency. We focus on using our time and effort where it really matters - to our work as well as to ourselves personally. This keep us driven, efficient and fulfilled.
Data can be human

Visual by demo, data for everyone

Central to our purpose of making data accesible to everyone, we are deliberately human and visual in all we do, our comms and relationships, through to our concepts and our work.
Agile everything

We are fast, light and effective

Brought to life in our distributed network model - where our talent collaborates at speed, with autonomy and creativity - and also inherent in our agile and iterative processes and future-facing spirit.

Our Partners

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