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Our distributed team brings together the world’s top specialists in data design, strategy and creative technology. Are you an expert (or an almost-expert) in one of these areas? We’d love to hear from you.

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Creative Technologist

infogr8 is looking for a Creative Technologist, a data specialist who can find the art of possibility across data, beauty and the clients we serve every day.

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Collaborate with us

Do more of what you love. The way we specialise in data visualisation and collaborate in small industry specific pods, means you get to spend more time on cutting edge data visualisation and more of the meaningful subject matters that matter to you.

Joining our network isn’t a big commitment, some of our talented network of data journalists, info designers, data engineers get involved when the perfect brief comes, others tend to collaborate with more consistently.

  • Piero Zagami
    Piero Zagami

    “Infogr8 has demonstrated to adapt in these uncertain times, embracing a new flexible structure that works well with remote freelancers like me. The breadth and depth of briefs are refreshing and inspiring: from data-driven digital platforms to NGOs that use data for humanitarian goals.”

    Piero Zagami

    Information Designer

Be rewarded in a number
of collaborative ways

When you join the network you can…

Data visualisation unlocks organisational effectiveness
Data visualisation unlocks organisational effectiveness

Partner on projects

We are transparent on projects from day one. You’ll be comforted to know we pay fairly and on time, our payment terms are ahead of industry standard. (Although not something to boast about) Ready to receive selective briefs?

Write thought-leading articles

Our data for everyone journal, takes an inside look into how we think about data design and how it shapes the world around us. We’ve got an exciting journal focussing on deep dives across the projects our team have worked on, some of the frameworks we share knowledge and celebrate on and spotlights on specific talent we feel deserve more recognition. Ready to get paid to write?

Content strategy workshops
Content strategy workshops

Share opportunities

A number of our network recommend infogr8 to clients when there is a larger project they wouldn’t be able to take on individually. This enables you to remain working on the same said project (or not as your preference), being in the comfort your client is in good hands, whilst being rewarded for the introduction.

Our values

Less push more purpose
Less push
more purpose

Smart, valuable, and fulfilling
We focus on using our time and effort where it really matters - to our work as well as to ourselves personally. This keeps us driven, efficient and fulfilled.

Data can be human
Data can
be human

Visual by demo, data for everyone
Central to our purpose of making data accessible to everyone, we are deliberately human and visual in all we do, from our comms and relationships, through to our concepts and our work.

Agile network

We are fast, light and effective
Brought to life in our distributed network model – where our talent collaborates at speed, with autonomy and creativity – and also inherent in our agile and iterative processes and future-facing spirit.

How we impact
the world

Team infogr8

Jake Madsen

Deputy General Manager, EdTech

Building a smarter world with data

Stewart Pickering GM Sustainability

Stewart Pickering

General Manager, Sustainability

Building a more sustainable world with data