• Cybersecurity workers protect the most important and private information, from bank accounts to sensitive military communications.

    However, there is a dangerous shortage of cybersecurity workers in the United States – out of 128,000 Information Security Analyst openings, only 88,000 are filled. This serious talent shortfall – around 40,000 workers – puts digital privacy and infrastructure at risk. Lightcast challenged infogr8 to find a way of using data to help close these cybersecurity talent gaps.

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  • Our solution had to provide users with data about the US cybersecurity workforce, alongside cybersecurity job postings for each state and metropolitan area.

    It also had to provide users with more general information on working within the cybersecurity – such as information about salaries, credentials and skillsets of each job.

    We designed and developed the website at, including an interactive tool with two components. The first component, an interactive map, visualises cybersecurity supply and demand by US state and metropolitan area – cybersecurity job postings, workforce, supply and demand ratio and ‘location quotient’, a measure of how many cybersecurity jobs there are in that area relative to the US average. Below the map, the user can explore the data further using an interactive dashboard.

    In the second interactive component, we visualised key roles within cybersecurity from entry to advanced level. Each role appears as a bubble. Hovering over the bubble reveals the number of job openings and average salary information for that role, plus the most common career pathways to and from other roles. Clicking on the bubble provides detailed data on salaries, job openings, skills and education required, and more.

    The interactive tools are effective on both desktop and mobile, and provide a valuable resource for employers and educators, as well as students and people seeking a job in the cybersecurity field.

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Client testimonial:

"We wanted to draw attention to an important but unresolved topic for our partners – the cybsersecurity skills gap. We had a large amount of data that needed to be presented, and we needed to do it in a way that was engaging to our core audiences of job seekers, employers and educators. infogr8 were professionals from the start, designing and building beautiful interactive tools in an accessible microsite that has received rave reviews from multiple audiences. Their clear, structured process ensured the project stayed on track and their user centred approach meant there was opportunity to test prototypes of the tool and optimise before being implemented - as an exploratory project this was important to us. Cyberseek was an ambitious project, but infogr8 took it on with gusto. We and our partners are delighted with the end result and we have already started setting plans for upcoming projects."

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