Interactive retail module

Transform everyday elements of a retail customer experience – both online and in-store – into unique visual experiences, blending your brand’s data with consumer interaction in innovative formats.


  1. 01
    Use in-the-moment data (micro mentions, geolocations, instant reviews) to its fullest potential to spark curiosity and drive desire to purchase
  2. 02
    Showcase your approach and research by distilling your product features into bitesize visual summaries and comparisons, helping consumers make choices with less friction and piqued interest
  3. 03
    Give customers a reason to return, using their behavioural and purchase data to provide preferential treatment and enhanced experiences across channels
It looks phenomenal. We did some last minute training this morning for those who will be staffing the booth. While demo-ing, I occasionally looked up from the screen to the audience. I kept seeing nodding, smiling faces. That never happens to me when I speak in public.

And I certainly never see expressions of “wow, that is cool”. Which I kept seeing.
Robert Cuffe
Head of Statistics, ViiV Healthcare

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How do interactive displays improve retail experiences?

Interactive displays create immersive experiences for people to learn more about products and services. Due to its nature of being interactive, people can easily access large amounts of information that would otherwise be too challenging to communicate through print mediums.

What are interactive retail display examples?

Examples of interactive retail displays include Viiv Healthcare (, Burberry’s AR mirror (, New Balance browsing shoe styles (