Richard Silvester
February 11, 2019
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4 min

Five smart choices to make this month


February is the time of year to get up close and personal, and insight driven content shouldn’t be treated any differently.

Whether that’s finding new ways to combine insight with human stories or attending a concert in your living room, along with 10 million others, here’s this month’s dose of trends to gain a step up when planning your content…


1.  Data Transformation

Quality data analysis and visualisation harbours a power of persuasion that is often overlooked. Telling compelling, fact-based data stories is a great way to encourage change – be it business, personal or societal – enhancing brand identity, building user trust and encouraging engagement.


Support your campaign messaging with quality research and data.

Massage facts and figures to match your narrative; let the data talk.


2.  Content Strategy

Content consumption habits are changing. And strategies need to change, too. With the rise of formats like VR/AR, AI and online gaming forums – Fortnite recently hosted a VR concert attended virtually by 10 million people – strategists need to carefully consider audience consumption habits and keep their finger on the proverbial pulse.


Shape your content strategy around the specific consumption habits of your audience.


Be afraid to consider disruptive content formats as part of your strategy.


3.  Creative Content Delivery

Did you know that 49% of web users prefer a black user interface while at work, compared to 30% outside the office? Beyond aesthetics, the colour scheme you choose can have a huge impact on your audience – and context is key. Evoke the right response from intended users by doing your research and contemplating colour.


Consider your audience carefully when selecting a colour scheme for your user interface.


Experiment too drastically when designing within a well-established industry field.


4.  Immersive Experiences

Could using company data intelligently really change advertising forever? Forbes certainly think so. Transforming customer interactions, ‘sentient marketing’ is taking data intelligence, interpretation and application to a whole new level; allowing marketers to match content with intent more effectively than ever before.


Leverage data to build incisive, relevant customer journeys.


Become overwhelmed by high volumes of data and neglect marketing opportunities


5.  Amplification

Boasting a humble audience of between 1,000 and 5,000 followers per account, many organisations are looking to nano-influencers as a fresh way to market their brands. Sure, it may be tricky to manage hundreds of nano-influencers, but with engagement rates of between 6 and 10% it might just be worth the effort.


Use tools like BuzzSumo and Pitchbox to find the right nano-influencers for your brand.


Forget to devise an intelligent strategy that complements your influencer of choice.


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