Interactive report

Transform your traditional report into a contemporary user experience, where data design meets editorial expertise to deliver an interactive, creative and easy-to-digest story.


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    A more effective and engaging way to present insight, allowing your audience to consume and explore in digestible ways to suit their needs
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    Big opportunity to extract multi-format content highlights to use across key channels, particularly on social
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    Deliver a more accessible, intuitive experience - the web is built to be responsive, and reports should be no different
State of Skills is the first tool of its kind in the recruitment industry, letting our clients and candidates know the skills, technologies and job roles that were trending in their industry. We were delighted with the collaborative way the team from infogr8 approached the campaign, taking time to understand

our business objectives and target audience. We chose Infogr8 because we were impressed

with their data journalism capabilities and we were delighted with the final product. The

coverage and backlinks from key sector press publications, and engagement through social

media and email is testament to the quality of the content we produced.
Adam Woodbridge
Marketing Manager, Reed

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What is an interactive data visualisation report?

An interactive data visualisation report engages the user with creative data storytelling. Users can explore large and complex datasets. These reports are usually microsites which are easily accessible through an internet browser. Users can click on various parts of the report to see different visualisations and insights.

What are the benefits of an interactive report?

Interactive reports provide explanatory data visualisation analysis. They guide users through a well crafted story so they don’t get lost or overwhelmed by the data.

What are interactive report examples?

Examples of interactive data visualisation reports are Jobsite – Lost in Translation (, Reed State of Skills (, and London’s Brightest Businesses(