Data design system

This practical data design ecosystem provides you with reusable data design components, developed to complement your existing design language. This practical ecosystem provides you with a big box of reusable data design components, assembled for teams to be guided by documentation and develop iteratively.


  1. 01
    Suite of individual data-led design Assets and Elements, adding efficiency and consistency to existing design processes
  2. 02
    Provides a best-practice benchmark for branded data-led assets across static, animated and interactive formats
  3. 03
    Breathes new life into your existing asset library, providing clear creative guidelines for diagrammatic, map and chart-related needs.
infogr8 take complex requirements and interpret them in the right way. When presented with financial experts, they hold their ground by listening and asking the right questions. The drafts and ideas that follow fit with the brand, with engaging results. We’ve seen a real uplift in our online engagement metrics.

They’re also fantastic to work with – they really understand data, are passionate, reliable and easy to communicate with.I know my work is in good hands.
Liz Stanmore
Digital Campaign Manager, Old Mutual Wealth

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What is a data visualisation style guide?

A data visualisation style guide provides standards on how to format charts, infographics, and related diagrams. Here is a helpful resource all about data visualisation guides.

Is a data design system the same as brand guidelines?

No they are not. Brand guidelines determine how a brand presents itself through colour, typography, layout, and other visual elements. A data design system exists within brand guidelines and determines how data is visually represented.