LV interactive module insurance


  • LV=  is one of the UK’s largest insurance companies.

  • As part of a broader campaign, LV= wanted to create an interactive tool that would illustrate the most common issues arising in each room of the home and empowering consumers with information on what to do when these issues arise.

    The hope was that this tool would be good for the company’s PR but also increase page dwell time.


  • Delivered a user-centric interactive tool allowing the user to explore different rooms in a house and how to fix the various issues that will arise in a home environment.

  • Pulled out the most relevant and interesting statistics from LV=’s survey data.

  • Collaborated with LV= and communications agency Third City to develop and refine it with consumers and publishers in mind.

  • Created the finished product was an interactive with clickable and animated elements – note the wagging dog tail!



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