Data portal

Harness the insight and value of rich data in one place with a beautiful front end that combines form with function. A portal that opens up value beyond an analyst audience to deliver an engaging experience for viewing and contrasting the metrics that matter to you.


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    An effective way to bring to life intimidating or complex data in a way that puts the user in control
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    Customisable and intuitive interfaces - including for mobile - that behave like your brand and make it easy to drill down and make decisions based on data
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    We consult with your team to define a meaningful visual hierarchy before producing your portal solution
We wanted to draw attention to an important but unresolved topic for our partners – the cybsersecurity skills gap. We had a large amount of data that needed to be presented, and we needed to do it in a way that was engaging to our core audiences of job seekers, employers and educators.

infogr8 were professionals from the start, designing and building beautiful interactive tools in an accessible microsite that has received rave reviews from multiple audiences. Their clear, structured process ensured the project stayed on track and their user centred approach meant there was opportunity to test prototypes of the tool and optimise before being implemented - as an exploratory project this was important to us.

Cyberseek was an ambitious project, but infogr8 took it on with gusto. We and our partners are delighted with the end result and we have already started setting plans for upcoming projects.”
Will Markow
Managing Director, Lightcast

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What is a data dashboard?

A data dashboard is commonly used as a business tool to display, analyse, and track data. In contrast to interactive data visualisation reports, data dashboards provide exploratory analysis. Data dashboards can accommodate large datasets and automatically generate charts. You may have used a data dashboard if you track your finances with an app. At a glance, you can see your income, expenses at a large scale, and also detailed information such as the transactions you’ve made recently. A powerful feature of data dashboards is that you can quickly filter data to show what you’re interested in so you can derive new insights.

How is a data dashboard designed?

Data dashboards can be designed using tools such as Tableau or Power BI. If you’re a bit more tech savvy, you can design custom data dashboards with frontend development programming (HTML, CSS, and javascript).

What are data dashboard examples?

Examples of data dashboards are Cyberseek Burning Glass (, Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (, and Virgin Media WiFi portal (