Data broadcast

Tell your story with clarity in the most illuminating way possible through our rich, motion based creative data visualisations, used for special TV and web broadcasts, event sequences, PR and key company presentations.


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    Data snapshots - often video clips - cut through to the evidence and the meaning in a fast and exciting way
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    Audiences are drawn to creative, dynamic data visualisations and are more likely to share them over static charts or traditional factbox formats
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    Holds longevity, whether you’re broadcasting history through an evergreen subject or dynamic snapshots that continue to engage returning audiences
Collectively and individually infogr8 have brought a wealth of knowledge about how we interpret and showcase the rich data we have in interesting & innovative ways, enabling us to communicate with our user base in a much deeper way. They are clearly very passionate about the service they provide and this is demonstrated in the level of detail provided in proposals & throughout campaigns, often delivering above & beyond the brief requirements.
Dan Maurice
Senior campaign producer, Sony Playstation

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What is the software used to make an infographic video?

An animated video of an infographic could be made with editing softwares such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. There are more specialised tools where you can input the data such as Flourish and Tableau.

What is an animated bar chart race?

A bar chart is an easy way to compare data. When animated, it becomes an effective and engaging way to show how data changes over time.

What are infographic video examples?

Examples of infographic videos are How Uber took over a city ( and Spotify early song usage consumption patterns (