Nicu Calcea
September 25, 2019
Reading time:
2 min

In light of recent news about Uber getting a two-month extension of their London licence, we were curious to see how Uber’s progress has faired across the pond over recent years. View the bar chart race to see how the spread of monthly New York trips change over time against the competition.

The London licence extension comes amid protests from London’s black cab drivers, who claim that Uber has failed to fulfil its promises of providing safer environments and better driver protection. Uber has been dealing with similar criticism from the taxi industry across the world. Most notably, it has led to the reduction in value of taxi medallions in New York City. A social media campaign called #deleteuber went viral in early 2017 as the company continued collecting fares during a taxi strike in New York City in protest of Trump travel ban Executive Order 13769. We were keen to see if these events have slowed down or reversed Uber’s growth, even if only temporarily.