James Hogg
June 14, 2023
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At infogr8, it’s our mission to unlock the value of data for everyone. Social impact is at the core of everything we do – that’s why we set up a series of pods dedicated to solving some of the world’s most pressing data challenges. Sustainability was our first pod, followed by EdTech. Now it’s the turn of Healthcare

Everyone experiences physical and psychological health. In the context of healthcare provision, data is an exploding (and often explosive) topic. Our new Healthcare pod exists to cut through the complexities and the controversies and visually highlight how data done right can lead to improved clinical outcomes for a wider, more inclusive range of communities.

Unlocking improvements in clinical outcomes with data visualisation

The new pod is led by our GM Healthcare, Andrew Potter. Andrew brings with him a wealth of experience in modern medical education and medical market intelligence. He has worked with nearly every top 50 pharmaceutical company, along with top-tier academic institutions and industry-leading tech companies, to develop new ways of improving clinical outcomes through HCP education and EHR research.


Our new GM Healthcare Andrew Potter presenting a new 5D health tool at the May 2023 FutureFridays with infogr8 x Scriberia

“What initially attracted me to infogr8,” says Andrew, “is their audience-first, data-first approach, which is aligned with good medical education practice, as enshrined in their Data for Everyone® mission. Until very recently, data visualisation in healthcare has been considered very much as an afterthought. But evidence shows that by placing data front and centre, and by taking the human aspect into account, data can become more accessible and provide powerful, intuitive insights to facilitate rapid change in clinical practice and improved patient health as a direct and measurable result.”

“In medical education, it’s often taken for granted that data is the single most important factor that healthcare providers (HCPs) rely on in their clinical decision-making. But that data is often siloed, incomplete, or too complex to make decisions at a glance. Trusted data is something that HCPs demand, but existing reporting and insight solutions are too static in today’s tech-led world. In response, data visualisation is by far the most potent tool to address these barriers to decision-making in a truly engaging, trusted way.”

Building on the success and experience of the Sustainability and Education pods, the new Healthcare pod has already hit the ground running with a concept for a new 5D Global Healthcare Tool. We teamed up with Scriberia to help capture the vision for the tool, to imagine new ways of visualising complex Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and to make it more accessible (and meaningful) to the HCPs or even patients.

Matching healthcare sector expertise with world-leading data visualisation talent

Prior to joining infogr8, Andrew specialised in delivering omnichannel and digital strategies merged with cutting-edge technologies, including blended real world evidence and AI Electronic Health Record studies, with a focus on rare-disease, respiratory and oncology.

“To me, providing education to HCPs in a way that’s data-centric, trustworthy and quickly actionable is so important. Data visualisation is the key to speeding up that process.”

Andrew brings project delivery experience in everything from advising on crowd-sourced, gamified pre-clinical computational drug discovery strategies, through to new drug launches and life-cycle management. This includes managing the development of an ePRO system for a public respiratory study, delivered through wearable devices, and the deployment of complex AI algorithms across national and private EHR systems to improve the diagnosis of ultra-rare diseases. His data insights expertise includes using data to successfully stratify patients at higher risk of adverse events for novel treatments, such as cytokine release syndrome (CRS) in CAR-T patients.

Here’s our CEO Richard Silvester on Andrew’s appointment:

“Having already told compelling data stories for the likes of the World Health Organization and ViiV Healthcare, I’m delighted to have Andrew on board so we can help clients in the healthcare space do more with data. From data platforms to interactive installations, infogr8’s combination of unrivalled subject matter knowledge and global dataviz prowess means we’re well placed to help pharma firms, MedTech startups and other healthcare product/service providers to measurably improve clinical outcomes for everyone.”

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