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Every Friday, we collaborate with organisations and the dataviz community on visual data experiments to solve real-world challenges.

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Do you have a pressing data-led challenge to solve in your organisation?

Data and technology are changing faster than you can say ChatGPT. In response, we decided to open up our Fridays to embrace new organisations, technologies and trends to drive innovation in the data-led space.

Every Friday, we invite teams, businesses and the wider dataviz community to run month-long design sprints to solve real-world data challenges in Sustainability, EdTech and Healthcare.

Participation in FutureFridays™ is entirely free. From ideation and focus groups at the design stage through to beta testers for our prototype solutions, there are plenty of opportunities for organisations to get involved.

We’re always on the lookout for partners to join our FutureFridays™ lineup. Share your brief with us – we love a challenge.

“We were impressed with the professionalism and can-do approach of the infogr8 team, as well as their capacity to bring to life a complex subject – which is a testament to their creative talent.”

“infogr8 has a unique ability to step back and view a story differently, thus enabling an original picture to emerge that can tell a story more effectively.”

Some FutureFridays™ you’ve missed

For EdTech, we created a Career Pathways mobile app for software engineers looking to navigate their career progression in the industry more effectively. As part of the experiment, the infogr8 core team was joined by product strategist Claire Owen and information design lead Tiziana Alocci. This type of career pathway tool has clear cross-sector appeal and could easily be reimagined and reapplied as a tool for nurses, project managers, teachers or journalists.

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For Sustainability, we worked with data designer Piero Zagami to develop a prototype Climate Action Dashboard for local authorities to showcase their progress against net-zero targets and bolster community support for their efforts. Climate action dashboards like this one could be used to drive action and policy change at the local, national and international levels. Or private-sector businesses could use them to establish or reinforce their eco credentials in the eyes of customers.

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Our FutureFridays™ process: Future-focused data teams

Built to innovate and inspire, every FutureFridays initiative is different. But they are all guided by the same underlying principles:

Human-centred — we will join the worldwide dots between subject matter experts, our network of data professionals and the wider dataviz community, while always keeping the end user in mind

Inclusive — we will collaborate with and value the contributions of bold, forward-thinking organisations and partners in a warm and welcoming way

Intuitive — our solutions will push the boundaries without ever sacrificing accessibility and ease-of-use

And here’s what the FutureFridays design sprint process looks like in practice:

Do you have a pressing data-led challenge to solve in your organisation? Share a brief for your chance to join our schedule of upcoming FutureFridays.

If you’re a data specialist looking to join our vibrant community, you can learn more about our approach and opportunities on our Talent page.