We use data to unlock visual insights in education and the labour market

We believe data, tech, and creativity enables all audiences to make better informed career decisions and encourage habits that drive positive outcomes.

Leading-edge data-driven solutions

As with all our work, our EdTech interactive experiences unlock innovation, accessibility, and meaningful insights.

Association for Financial Professionals

How do we reposition finance as a more dynamic career choice whilst helping existing professionals progress through certification and training? Association for Financial Professionals were seeking to drive new talent into the finance sector, and develop existing talent through continued learning, with a view to securing the sector as a whole. In partnership with Emsi Burning Glass, the challenge was to create a tool that communicates the benefits of training and certification, speaking to three very different audiences, at varying stages of their careers – those new to finance, those transitioning up the career ladder, and future leaders.

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Data design for positive outcomes

Our EdTech pod is made up of data designers, data journalists and visual data storytellers, all focused on educational value.


Data visualizations can create tailored pathways that inform decisions. Accessible web based tools can help users understand complex data through intuitive formats.


Data stories can communicate human stories, allowing us to impact the state of equity, inclusion, and diversity in education, professional development, and the labour market.

Drive change

We can drive change by setting index that set benchmarks and drive policy. Industry associations utilise large volumes of industry data over time to establish best practices.
Richard Silvester
Founder & CEO

Since 2012, our Founder & CEO Richard Silvester has been the strategic advisor to the expert teams around him while driving infogr8 towards meeting its mission. He has helped develop the EdTech pod with clients such as Reed, Lightcast, and Jobsite. See his talk on How Data Storytelling Drives Positive EdTech Outcomes at the London EdTech World Forum.

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