• How do we reposition finance as a more dynamic career choice whilst helping existing professionals progress through certification and training?

    AFP were seeking to drive new talent into the finance sector, and develop existing talent through continued learning, with a view to securing the sector as a whole. In partnership with Lightcast, the challenge was to create a tool that communicates the benefits of training and certification, speaking to three very different audiences, at varying stages of their careers – those new to finance, those transitioning up the career ladder, and future leaders.


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  • Utilising Lightcast’s rich source of finance labor market data and AFP wage data, we co-developed a visually engaging insights tool, enabling a detailed career view for audience groups to advance through. The tool highlights supply and demand at state and metro area levels, and a pathways function showing users how to progress in their career one step at a time through training and certification. We created an optimised user interface that delivers a guided journey through the functions available and used real life case studies to personalise and make the experience more human.


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