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  • Tapping into a groundbreaking new source of insight – big-data analysis of career histories, job postings, and salary sources from Burning Glass Institute and Schultz Family Foundation, for the first time we’re able to help understand the opportunities major companies offer American workers in the real world. These career paths can tell us where talent can best thrive, and what companies can do to encourage it. 

    Taking the Martini Glass Principle, our solution considered the needs of audiences – we created Impact by bringing the user right into the Index with five company categories (the merits to celebrate) within toggle view. 

    Editorial analysis behind the data offers Explanations with five key data stories. 

    Exploration is brought through a neat ‘looking glass’ feature within the Index allowing the user to dive into each company and crunch the numbers behind the data. Careful consideration was paid in the design to give parity amongst companies, careful to celebrate not punish. 

    Looking ahead, we’ve started with 250 US companies, our roadmap will introduce another 250 companies, with many more data points for users to explore.

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  • How do we illuminate data in clear, accessible and interactive ways that celebrates the individual merits of companies leading the way forward to improve worker mobility in the US?

    Research from Burning Glass Institute and Schultz Family Foundation revealed that only half of Opportunity Youth in entry-level jobs rose within five years into living-wage positions.

    A second study found that individual companies play a significant role in determining whether lower-income workers are able to escape the poverty trap, though with broad disparities between firms.

    These two studies show that people move up, but only some companies support them along the way; those that don’t lose out on the opportunity to benefit from valuable talent. 

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