We use visual data to drive improvements in clinical outcomes

Our Healthcare pod brings together a team of world-leading data experts, all on a mission to help solve the healthcare data challenges our clients are facing every day.

HCPs act on data

HCPs demand trustworthy, balanced and comprehensive sources of information to inform their clinical decisions. Our HCP-centric data visualisations are rapidly accessible and meaningful, driving real-world change in practice.

ViiV Healthcare

ViiV Healthcare is a world-leading pharmaceutical organisation, specialising in treatments and preventative medications for HIV/AIDS. They wanted to create an interactive installation showcasing the efficacy and safety of their new drug, Dolutegravir, versus all other approved medications indicated for the treatment of HIV, to be displayed at major HIV congresses across North America.

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Data design for positive change in clinical practice

Our Healthcare pod is made up of medical writers, data designers, and visual data storytellers, all focused on three key themes.
Improved clinical outcomes

Giving HCPs what they need to make better clinical decisions, faster

Healthcare professionals make decisions based on trustworthy data. But distilling this data into siloed educational objectives will lead to this trust being compromised. By removing this layer of spin and allowing the data to tell its own story, data can have a fast, enduring impact on HCP changes in practice, providing all the information needed in one easy-to-understand visualisation.
Getting drugs to market faster

Patient-centric clinical trials

Without patient volunteers, clinical trials would be impossible. But 80% of clinical trials fail to meet their primary endpoint timelines. infogr8’s patient-centric ePRO systems are built with the patient's needs front and centre. And the data flow is not just one-way – it’s an AI-led conversation between the trial and the patient, engendering trust, honesty, and better data overall.
Data for everyone

Unlocking the full potential of EHR data

Translating EHR data into easily accessible data visualisation products aligns perfectly with infogr8’s mission to provide Data for Everyone®. There is a huge untapped pool of talented healthcare professionals out there who are being inadvertently left out of the loop due to time constraints or lack of access to data, and infogr8 is uniquely positioned to release its potential.
Andew Potter
GM, Healthcare

Andrew joined infogr8 in May 2023, bringing with him a wealth of experience in medical education across every therapy area and drug development phase over his 15-year career in the field.

Andrew has deep knowledge and a strong reputation as an expert in modern medical education, using data and AI to provide the evidence needed for HCPs to make better, quicker clinical decisions. His work spans a broad spectrum of topics within healthcare, from Real World Evidence to AI-based EHR analysis to drive measurable improvements in patient health.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals, you can book into Andrew’s diary or leave him a note.

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