Richard Silvester
October 18, 2021
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6 min

When we first met with our clients in the early days, industry specialism wasn’t a requirement, nor had the Paris Agreement begun. Data visualisation was its own specialism that clients were desperately trying to unpack.

A decade on, data visualisation has gone mainstream with many practitioners utilising their skills across many different sectors. The visual community is there to be seen. More recently, when we asked our clients about their goals for the future and how infogr8 can best support them to succeed, we gained valuable insight.

This insight proved that deep industry expertise matters to our clients as much as being renowned as the visual data storytellers. In response, we’re delighted to announce the launch of infogr8’s new sustainability pod, headed up by Stewart Pickering as General Manager.

Stewart’s ambition is to drive our existing and new client partners to deliver even more creative and interactive data visualisation through a sustainability lens. This represents an incredible opportunity for infogr8 to position ourselves as data visualisation market leaders in the ESG and Sustainability space.

Stewart was the natural fit due to his deep knowledge of the subject and innovative approach. His current favourite piece of work is the DNV report series – the scatterplot is data in its most beautiful form, which is one of the reasons why he was so keen to join infogr8 and develop our offering in this sector even further.

He has built a firm reputation as a specialist Tableau and Alteryx expert, specifically addressing big societal issues. He’s also been responsible for delivering projects across a broad spectrum of sustainability topics, ranging from Science-based Targets and Net-zero, through to water risk mapping and ESG at the sustainability experts Anthesis. He wowed us with his vision and understanding of the future for sustainability and how the accessible, creative communication of data will play such a pivotal role in delivering that future to make a real difference. 

“Throughout my time at Anthesis, it became increasingly apparent to me that data, and the presentation of it, is a key component in the fight against climate change. Conversely, accessibility to data relating to sustainability is also a major challenge for organisations across all aspects of their value chains. I’ve worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes to unlock their data, unearth the insights contained within, to aid them on their journey towards becoming a force for good.” Stewart Pickering comments.

CEO Richard Silvester adds “As we enter our 10th year of growth at infogr8, we are delighted to launch this new and exciting operating model in response to our clients need for creative quality and subject matter expertise at scale through our decentralised way of working.

Our multi-disciplinary teams have worked remotely prior to Covid, meaning we always match the team to the specific project, from a hugely talented set of individuals. This approach has been a real breakthrough for us and is just one of the ways we’re living the ethos of a more sustainable organisation. Our specialism for creating data viz matched with Stewart’s sustainability expertise, makes for a very exciting combination, and a winning market proposition. I have no doubt Stewart is going to be a huge asset for new and existing clients and has all of the qualities of a sector leading expert in the field of sustainability. We have plans to develop other specialist pods throughout the year in the Health and EduTech sectors, so watch this space.”

infogr8 currently engage with the following clients in the field of sustainability. Greater London Authority, DNV, Chronos, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Mars Petcare, World Health Organization. If you would like to know more about how we can help support your sustainability goals in accessible and creative ways – get in touch with Stewart.