• How do we track progress whilst sharing learnings to help inform future policy and programming in helping end the worst forms of child labour?
    infogr8 partnered with Thomson Reuters Foundation, a key member of the PACE consortium (The Partnership Against Child Exploitation) to solve this challenge for the PACE consortium and project partners actively involved in the initiative.


  • Utilising our multi-disciplinary team of data journalists, information & UX/UI design and engineers, we developed a modern, intuitive and robust knowledge platform.

    We first gathered the needs of project partners and user groups through stakeholder research, interviews and workshops to create a solid foundation for what the platform needs to achieve.

    Our data journalists then wrangled the data of 30 outcomes and outputs, mapping out the richest in learning and policy informing potential. In collaboration with our information design team, then sketched, iterated, designed and coded up a custom dashboard to bring the insight to life. The dashboard now sits front and centre of the platform – surfacing up both quantitative and qualitative learnings into one view.┬á

    A newly developed back end architecture enables the PACE team to keep the site easily updated, whether it’s new data, case studies or news stories.


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