• The fight against online child sexual abuse content continues.

    For the last two decades the Internet Watch Foundation have been leading the fight. How best should their many achievements be shown and celebrated, ready for their 20th birthday?


  • Users are given the opportunity to explore the entire history of the IWF through a visually engaging interactive timeline.

    Sifting through the years highlights many important milestones, including the introduction of online reporting and the launch of their Image Hash List which allows duplicated images to be tracked and prevented from being uploaded. The colossal number of reports processed over the years, as well as an explosion in the number of Members partnering with the IWF can also be perused using the tabs at the bottom of the screen.



Whether exploring the IWF history on desktop, on mobile or at a swanky invite-only event at London's BT Tower, users have been engrossed in and enlightened by what the IWF have accomplished.

The interactive timeline has been developed so that desktop users can explore at their leisure, while mobile users are served a simpler, easy to digest version to read while on the go. An animation was also created so that attendees of the IWF's 20th anniversary event could be immersed while sipping champagne and enjoying spectacular views of the capital. Here's to another 20 years of helping make the internet a safer place.

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