We use visual data to unlock the biggest Sustainability issues of our time

Our Sustainability pod brings together a team of world leading data experts, all on a mission to help solve the sustainability data challenges our clients are facing every day.

Impact needs evidence

As with all our work, our Sustainability focussed data visualisation is innovative, accessible and meaningful. It’s our way of shaping the planet’s future.

Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day marks the day on which our demands on the planet have overshot what Earth can provide for us in a given year. And it’s getting earlier and earlier. We worked with Global Footprint Network to bring this crucial data to life, while also keeping the focus on the Power of Possibility in climate action.

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Data design for positive impact

Our sustainability pod is made up of data designers, data journalists and visual data storytellers, all focused on three key ESG themes.
Towards net zero

Net zero

Climate change is an undeniable fact. We have limited time to act now and prevent irreversible damage. Cutting emissions to net zero is critical. We’re playing our part by working with organisations to develop the optimum means to communicate sustainability targets, monitor performance, and attract the attention of clients, customers and investors.
Reuse, recycle


Today’s economy is linear – we extract stuff, make it into more stuff, use that stuff, then throw it away. Reusing and recycling needs to become part of our everyday. Our expertise lies in the ability to distil complex concepts and systems into the key facts – producing compelling, interactive data visualisations, whether it be for annual reporting or deeper analysis.
Empowering change

Social justice

The effects of climate change and overconsumption are most strongly felt by those who contribute the least towards both. A key challenge for humanity is ensuring nobody is left behind. We work with organisations seeking to educate and inspire change globally. By producing interactive microsites and explorative data tools, we can get your message across in engaging and informative ways.
Stewart Pickering
GM, Sustainability

Stewart joined infogr8 in October 2021 from global sustainability consultancy Anthesis to head up our sustainability pod.

Stewart has deep sector knowledge and a strong reputation as a Tableau and Alteryx expert, using data and technology to address big societal issues. His work encompasses a broad spectrum of topics within sustainability, from net zero to science-based targets.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals, you can book into Stewart’s diary or leave him a note.

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