Jane Zhang
January 9, 2023
Reading time:
2 min

infogr8 is excited to announce a year-long partnership with Viz for Social Good (VSFG), a global non-profit connecting data enthusiasts with mission-driven organisations to create social change through data visualisation. 

Since 2018, VFSG has helped over 20 organisations to create social change through data. They have recently completed the India Water Portal project where volunteers created user-friendly visualisations to drive awareness of water issues in India.

The projects by VFSG align perfectly with infogr8’s mission to unlock Data for Everyone by making data more accessible and engaging through creativity. Examples of our work driven by our mission include collaborations with Friends of the Earth, Schultz Family Foundation, and Chronos Sustainability.

By working together in this partnership, we will help bring more awareness of VFSG’s initiatives and highlight the great work their volunteers have created across our own platforms. If you’re interested in learning more about their work, check out the VFSG website and join their Slack community.

We’re always on the lookout for like-minded organisations dedicated to making Data for Everyone ®. Reach out to us if you’re one of them!