• Friends of the Earth created a new way of engaging their membership groups and encouraging targeted action at a localised level. They’d already sourced data across 80 different metrics, covering a diverse range of topics from energy to housing, transport to waste and society to nature. A functional MVP was in place, but this fell short on some of their key goals: to make ‘Near You’ an engaging, easily digestible, visually appealing campaigning tool, that inspired action.


  • We went back to basics with the client – understanding the audience, their needs and the desired purpose of the tool. From this, we were able to help the client refine their goals and start sketching out ideas from ‘mild to wild’. 

    Working in an agile way, we took on board client feedback and iterated on the sketches, ending up with a fully functional, pixel-perfect digital prototype that delivered on Friends of the Earth’s key goals. With the ‘Oak leaf’ chart, created by the wonderfully talented information designer Gabrielle Merite, at the heart of the platform, the user can expand into the key areas of interest to them, understand where action is required within their local area, and share the visuals to drive up interest.


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