• Gold Council were looking for a more engaging way of presenting their insights report online across multiple markets, one that would strike the balance between the articulation in the data and presenting an inviting narrative

    Furthermore, the experience needed to set the benchmark for future Gold Council communications both from a visual and responsive standpoint.

    The survey, performed by Hall & Partners, presents the view of 18,000 people across India, China, the US, Germany, Canada and Russia.


  • A Gold Council first, an intuitive, bilingual, mobile-first web experience that genuinely works as well on mobile as on large screens – no mean feat when presenting rich insights

    As part of the preparation for the project, infogr8 ran workshops to map the story, distill highlights and develop the front-end experience of the website.

    To support the launch of the scrollable story, infogr8 has prepared an amplification toolkit containing guidelines and a series of assets that highlight the key insights of the report in exciting, fast-moving formats ideal for social media.



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