• Workspace is the home of London’s Brightest Businesses with over 60 co-working spaces in the Capital.  But Workspace provides more than just a place to work, they support SMEs with the opportunity to collaborate, network and grow their business. The challenge was to demystify what is happening in the current London SME climate, through rich data points in order to share the stories of SMEs in the Capital with investors, members and the wider community.



  • A modern, intuitive and data rich interactive map of London summarising the key trends of SME activity within each borough.  There is the option to deep dive into different data sets including number of business startups, the sectors and turnover.  Workspace customers and the success stories identify a compelling and easily digestible view of the overall trends.  The accompanying narrative on key topics such as evolving working trends is supported by bold and digestible viusalisations. We developed an interactive, fast loading and responsive website using modern Mapbox GLJS and D3 JavaScript libraries.  The overall look and feel represents the Workspace brand, bringing people to the fore and positioning Workspace as the ‘home of London’s brightest businesses’. The modular format enables Workspace to easily update the tool in the future, add in new data sets and identify key trends as the Capital’s economy continues its recovery.