• Rosé wine used to be deeply unpopular.

    Not anymore – it now accounts for one in ten of all still wines sold at Sainsbury’s. In France, it outsells white wine. StoryPR approached us on behalf of Sainsbury’s to collaborate on a visual report on the outlook for rosé wine. The aim was to position Sainsbury’s at the forefront of the beers, wines and spirits industry as a brand that understands what their audience is drinking – and also stocks 55 different bottles of the pink stuff.


  • Using the broad-ranging data provided by StoryPR, we created four playful data visualisations for the report on various aspects of the rosé phenomenon, including month-by-month sales, regional trends and preferences for dark or light versions of the wine. Then we redesigned the report to incorporate these visualisations, shaping them to fit seamlessly within the overall editorial and visual rhythm.

    What we learned: rosé sales peak in July, men are more likely to serve dark pink wines and, while rosé is popular around the UK, enthusiasm is more muted in London. The Sainsbury’s sales data shows rosé is often bought with other products such as smoked salmon, olives and – more unusually – men’s shorts. Sometimes, data raises more questions than it answers.

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