• Perrett Laver have a market-leading presence within the executive search industry, they needed visual communications that reflected their forward-thinking, high quality and personalised approach to search.

    infogr8 were approached as content strategy specialists to help Perrett Laver conceptualise, visualise and communicate their unique offering in a clear and engaging way.


  • Through a discovery phase including workshops and stakeholder interviews we were able to define core asset needs and information architecture for key business documents, before developing the creative solution.


The new design approach for the brand and all key documents have been received incredibly well across the organisation.

Since this initial phase, infogr8 have worked on a multitude of new design briefs and become the go to visual content partner for the business. infogr8 are now embarking on a new phase of work to inform the data strategy for the business to feed into the new data-driven design system.

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