• Nesta is an innovation foundation who work with the aim of “backing new ideas to tackle the big challenges of our time.”

  • Nesta needed infogr8’s help with a data transformation project; to visualise large datasets illustrating the tech innovation taking place in Wales.

    To produce a beautiful visual experience in the form of a platform for policymakers to digest and take action from.


  • Created an accessible data led platform that presents key themes to policyholders in a clear yet explorative way

  • Worked with Nesta’s team of data scientists and conducted workshops to serve as a guide

  • A user research report was prepared to gain insights into policyholder need

  • infogr8 created a backend configuration that would minimise issues when loading the platform onto different browsers


See it live


The Nesta platform has been applauded by both Nesta and the Welsh government as an effective tool as part of its research & development phase. There are plans to develop the architecture further with the opportunity to build similar data platforms for other countries and major urban developments.

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