• Matthews Asia is a privately owned investment firm. It specialises in Asian markets and partners with global institutional investors as they seek to better understand and to take full advantage of the Asia opportunity.

    • Convince fund managers of Matthews Asia’s unique approach within the Asian market.
    • Strategic content support and creative delivery to map targeted financial audience needs with fresh, relevant content in-line with the firm’s 2018 communication objectives.
    • A refreshing approach to the market, one that would help them stand out amongst the competition and get deeper into the minds of fund managers.


  • Animation

    We produced an explainer animation with an easy to digest story and clear, fun visuals to effectively communicate the opportunities within Asia

  • Infographics: Animated hero infographics were developed in a modular format, allowing them to be re-purposed across different touch points. Datagrams from the hero infographics were produced for social campaigns. Static versions of all assets were created to allow further use in blog posts and reports. This ensured less dependence on ongoing studio development work and more opportunity for internal teams to put the creative to good use.


The campaign has recently helped generate high engagement and lead generation.

Assets were used to support email campaigns, social media campaigns and published in key digital industry publications.

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