• ABB are a company who manufacture and maintain turbochargers – devices that push air into diesel and gas engines and make them more efficient. They produced the world’s first industrial turbocharger and continue to push the technology forward.

  • They needed our help to show the legacy of ABB’s manufacturing and how it consistently innovates within the field of engineering through a visually compelling visual language.

    Our task was to produce a video showing key milestones in the history of turbocharging technology, giving an insight into ABB’s heritage and showing how the company have consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the field.


  • A 2-minute animation that takes the form of a timeline.

  • As time passes, multiple standalone visuals and concise factual nuggets tell the story to a non-technical audience in a simple but engrossing way.


We’re proud of the final animation, which was awarded a Staff Pick on and continues to get daily likes.

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