• infogr8 worked with food-photographer Joe Sarah to explore what happens behind the scenes

    After noticing a series of trends in the rise in food snaps across visual social media platforms, infogr8, in collaboration with renowned food-photographer, Joe Sarah set out to explore exactly what it is that makes an inviting food photograph and understand the science behind this modern phenomenon in the form of an engaging scrollable story.


  • Having worked on food photography projects for the likes of Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal, Joe was the ideal fit to demystify what it takes to make a food snap ‘Insta-worthy’.

    Under his expert council, infogr8 conducted original research and analysis of open datasets to create an immersive, scrolling experience in which users can interact with data visualisations, or listen to behind-the-scenes audio with Joe himself, as animations guide the user through the science behind the art-form.



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