Richard Silvester
October 15, 2022
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3 min

The growth in AI skills has catalysed transformative trends in the skills required of workers across the full spectrum of occupations and industries. Noticing these trends, our partners Lightcast, leaders in workforce analytics, conducted and published a new report looking at the adoption and diffusion of artificial intelligence (AI) skills across the UK labour market. This new report harnesses Lightcast’s unique job postings data to examine the demand for AI skills across the UK labour market.


infogr8 extended its longstanding partnership with Lightcast into new realms with a data-led campaign across multiple touchpoints and mediums in order to attract and engage audiences with exciting dynamic content, deep-dive webinars – topped off with an interactive report which enables a peek behind the curtain of the data, offering greater detail and nuance.

Explore the new report.

Kicking off in July 2022, our joint AI campaign comprised webinar series – teasing the data and early key findings, alongside dynamic datagrams which enriched the data stories within the webinar.

In late September, Lightcast hosted a follow-up webinar to formally launch the new report, with an extended Q&A between Executive Vice President Andy Durman and Research Lead Julia Nania. They examined the fascinating trends and insights and what they mean for the landscape of the AI industry in the UK. Including how demand for AI skills in the UK compares to other countries and highlighting the most important AI skills being requested by employers.

The discussion was tailed off by infogr8 General Manager Stewart Pickering and Community Manager Jane Zhang gave us a deep dive into how data-led storytelling drives positive EdTech outcomes. Together, they shared a glimpse into how our Data for Everyone® framework is applied to create compelling data-driven stories and how data storytelling is quickly becoming the new normal.

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