• The world we want tomorrow is one where no pets are homeless.

    Mars Petcare, with an Advisory Board of experts, led the first methodological measure of the scale and reasons leading to pet homelessness. Using data from more than 200 global and local sources, starting across 9 countries, they created the ‘State of Pet Homelessness index’.  The accompanying website has several objectives: communicate the overarching purpose of the initiative, make the findings and the methodology clear to a wide audience and ultimately drive action from pet owners and professionals to help achieve ‘a better world for pets’. 


  • A modern, visually led destination site presenting the ambition of the initiative, the inclusion of all advisory panel partners, to account for country-specific context and challenges and helps identify key factors both positively and negatively impacting the issue. The Index also reveals the most impactful underlying issues that have influenced the score in each country.


    We utilised the branding developed by Edelman and designed a visually appealing site with intuitive navigation and a bold design that highlighted the key data points clearly. 

    Throughout the process we prioritised how to drive action from the different audiences. The solution was a mix of strong unequivocal data with the real stories of those on the front line tackling the issue, and we encouraged users to learn more about the programs where they too could make a difference.




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