Richard Silvester
May 23, 2018
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4 min

If you see pink in Clerkenwell, you know it’s that time of year again: Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) is here for its ninth edition, taking place from May 22-24th 2018. Explore the interactive.

According to event organisers, Clerkenwell hosts the highest density of architects, designers and creatives in the world, and this event aims to bring the community together for a packed agenda of activities throughout the week.

With such a bustling creative community, Clerkenwell-based data-led content agency infogr8 were curious to map the trends and patterns of the community through an interactive data visualisation that uses live data input to evolve as the week progresses; capturing the diverse inspiration of Clerkenwell in celebration of the successful annual festival.


By interacting with the data visualisation, users can discover the patterns, trends and influences that inspire the creatives within Clerkenwell, uncovering any connections and commonalities as they go. As the week evolves, so too will the visualisation, with event attendees and the online community having the opportunity to enter their favourite design movements, inspiration and colour to the tool and become part of the story.

When asked about the inspiration for the project, data journalist Benjamin Cooley remarked: “Events like Clerkenwell Design Week are bound to attract people with shared interests, but it’s not clear at first glance where different communities, patterns and trends are situated. Data provides us with a zoomed in lens through which we can discover the connections that bring people together. As the week progresses, we’re excited to see how the visualisation might take shape and evolve.”

Managing director Richard Silvester said: “Having been residents in Clerkenwell from a very early stage of the agency, it’s fitting to get involved in a community event that is clearly growing year on year and something we have the continued desire to be actively part of. Like CDW, data continues to evolve and we’re keen to use our data-led approach to show interesting trends across the area and its adjoining community.”  

To celebrate CDW, infogr8 will be opening up their studio to the creative community on Thursday 24th May to display the new tool in-depth and share insights on how using data adds depth to content created for businesses and brands alike.