Richard Silvester
May 15, 2023
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It’s probably no surprise that 1.8 billion people globally use Gmail. But what you might not know is that the service was invented as part of Google’s ‘20% time’ policy, where staff were encouraged to down tools and give one-fifth of their work schedules over to innovation and forward-thinking.

This month, we officially launch FutureFridays™. From here on out, we’ll have a four-day week of designing and delivering stellar visual data projects for our clients. Then every Friday, both our business pods (Sustainability and EdTech) will turn their attention to solving a sector-wide problem through data in a quarterly sprint. 

That’s where you come in. If you have a brief that could spark R&D/innovation in Sustainability or the Future of Work, we want to hear about it.



As part of FutureFridays™, we’re inviting clients past, present and future to get involved: from idea generation and focus groups at the design stage through to beta testers for our prototype solutions.

FutureFridays™ is also a chance for our network of data specialists to flex their problem-solving muscles. Already we’ve worked with:

  • Valerio Pellegrini (January), International Design Award 2021, Honourable Mention
  • Tiziana Alloci (February), Information is Beautiful Awards Gold Award 2019
  • Piero Zagami (March), Shorthand Awards, Courageous Newcomer

The 100-80-100 model has shown that companies can be 100% productive in 80% of the time. With our agile approach, I believe infogr8 is best placed to do exactly that, while giving that remaining 20% over to activities with genuine reach when it comes to social impact and our push towards demonstrating Data for Everyone®.

The ask: We’re on the hunt for organisations to join and help shape our FutureFridays initiatives. Apply for your slot today.

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