Jane Zhang
June 16, 2023
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We’re ending this quarter with a bang and several reasons to celebrate. First, we won a Webby Award for the American Opportunity Index. Second, we’ve just launched our third pod, Healthcare, which joins EdTech and Sustainability. I’ll share more details in the coming months with opportunities to work with us in Healthcare.

Here are our new themes for the months of July to September:

  • Social justice: How visual data can help spark social change by addressing injustice, closing equality gaps, and making sure no one is left behind.
  • Learning analytics: How visual data can be used to improve the way people learn, whether they’re internal colleagues or external clients/customers.
  • Data portals: How data portals (known more widely as data dashboards) effectively put the user in control through intuitive interfaces.
  • The craft of dataviz: What’s your day-to-day like? What are the key processes you’ve developed to optimise your workflow? How do you gain inspiration in your work?

All our writers are compensated for writing about dataviz on our blog. Pitch me your article ideas related to the above themes by sending an email to [email protected]. We only have limited slots, so submit your ideas before they’re filled up! And be sure to review our writing guidelines first, you can read some published examples down below.

What’s Happening in Data Viz

Upcoming Events

  • Config (June 21-22): Figma’s global design conference, live from San Francisco.
  • Visualizing Knowledge 2023 (June 16): Exploring how to visualise the complexity of the world. In-person in Finland (with option to livestream).

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