Richard Silvester
March 26, 2015
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Welcome back! In last year’s report you’ll remember we talked about how our relatively small industry is starting to take shape, one year on, the steady forward march in development and structure of this report is hopefully testament to its maturity. In observation many are starting to see:-

Collaboration is key, the connection alongside tech and physical is fuelling innovation and pushing data viz towards real life context, (view Jawbone case study) and welcome a handful of inspiring talent as can be seen in the community trends section.

Digital content shelf life is becoming radicalised, 8am’s news is no longer 8pm’s: so how can organisations sustain their audiences attention and where does data visualization have a part to play in this?

Well, its by no means the definitive answer but a well structured, sustained content calendar approach serves as a valuable advantage.

We have a need to satisfy our audiences for different purposes and reflective moods, and judging by Pew Research’s data, the abundance of content isn’t creating information overload just yet (let’s re- evaluate that in 2016!). In this seasons trend report the infogr8 team focus on how data led content can ‘Entertain’.

We hope you find the read as entertaining and as fascinating as we did when putting it together. So without further ado, lets get into some Datatainment!


Here’s a sneak peek at some of the campaigns we featured:



– IBM –

IBM Datagrams

We all love to watch a good game of Tennis, but in this fast-paced internet age who really has the time? Luckily IBM together with Ogilvy & Mather and Buck were at hand to serve up some colourful bite-sized videos via Instagram. This was to help promote their presence and summarise the matches played at the US Open, and subsequently Roland Garros and Wimbledon in 2014. Each Datagram visualised key stats from the games on court, and could be published within a minute of the set ending. The data bites certainly appear to have stroke a chord with tennis fans, generating more than 30,000 likes and close to one million impressions on an account that didn’t exist before the start of the tournament.

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Outdo You



In this day and age, if your brand isn’t listening to its customers and embracing data available on your customers what are you doing with your time? If you are not using data to your advantage, guess what, your competitors probably will be. Giving you a first-class ticket to join the queue behind Woolworths, HMV and Blockbuster. Sports brand Nike had actively been using data in a motivational way before the Wearable data trend became popular, and Nike moved more into tech. Nike has now taken an unprecedented sidestep from their usual motivational sports star commercials, insert ‘life coach voice over’ and onto launching their Outdo You campaign by AKQA USA.

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Let if Fly

Virgin Atlantic


Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Let it fly’ campaign launched early February with one of the most inspiring holiday ads we’ve seen for a while. On a daily basis, we are all subjected to an onslaught of adverts, so it was a masterstroke that this campaign impacted upon the team. So much so, the first thing we did was re-visit the ‘Let it fly’ video online. Virgin remains true to their brand values, with its inspiring and entrepreneurial go-getting creative. This is all part of a larger campaign created by Adam&EveDDB and highlighted by Fast Company, which includes an interactive online destination enabling users to follow their goals and aspirations by recommending hypothetical travel destinations.

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Dove and Twitter


Social media can make or break a trend. Human curiosity knows no boundaries thanks to the limitless connections we have created. We are drawn to controversial discussions like moths to a flame. Yes, we are talking about #TheDress, the latest discussion that divided our planet into two sets of colours. Besides the flames, these conversations are generating all sorts of data. Likes, shares, tweets, visitors, clicks, memes created, the list goes on… We get it, it’s all fun and games, but how much positive impact can we ignite from being involved in the viral wave and how can we use this data to actually do good?

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