Benjamin Cooley
September 9, 2016
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Meet Graham
Project Graham
Scrollable Story

Driving on the road isn’t particularly safe and Project Graham aims to provide education around this topic. Graham shows us what we might look like if we were built to survive on our roads — it’s quite frightening. Eye-opening content.

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The Great Fire of London: What vision rose from its ashes?
BBC iWonder
Scrollable Story

In 1666 — what a year! — the Great Fire of London broke out. What started as a small fire on Pudding Lane ended up destroying 80% of the city. Such an atrocity did actually lead to an opportunity to modernise the city. This great scrollable story by BBC iWonder explores this historic event with some great visuals.


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Google Trends
Interactive Module
A frightfully good data visual by Google Trends showing the most popular searched halloween costumes in 2015 in the US. You can start researching your costume for Halloween — yes, Halloween is nearly here!


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Lucyia & Calum
Interactive Module
Following on from the above post above road safety, this interactive module displays traffic accident information from Transport for London for the year 2015. The accidents are colour coded by severity showing the number of vehicles involved, the casualty, and their age.


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Flowing Data
Interactive Module
Ever wondered what alcohol is most popular in different countries? In this delightfully simple interactive module, you can pick a country — let’s say United Kingdom as an example — and it’ll show you that beer narrowingly beats wine to the top spot.


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Data, facts, and figures can boggle the mind. A lot of time the confusion is caused by how it’s presented rather than the information itself. This is where infographics are valuable — they help present data in a clear, succint way which tells a story. Buffer have don exactly that with this these infographics covering the topic of Social Media. It’s easy to skim through the article taking away key points.


Google Maps
Everyone’s seen the Google Maps car at least once right? You may have thought it just keeps driving and driving until it covers the entire world but turns out there’s a bit more method to their mission to photograph every corner of the Earth. Check out this map and schedule to see what’s been covered and when the car will be updating your street. Who knows, you might be able to get into one of the photos!

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If you live in London, then you’re probably aware that it is rammed. Not just busy, or packed — rammed. And if you don’t believe us, consider this: you can fit the population of many of UK’s big cities into London. Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle — and that’s just naming a few. But could you fit a country’s population into London I hear you ask? Yes, you could fit Ireland as well as a few other countries’ population into London. Explore more of these interesting data visuals by TimeOut.