August 30, 2016
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Topple Trump



Trump says a lot of crazy things, and unfortunately we probably remember them because they’re so outrageous. Parallax has created this great quiz where you have to choose the answer that completes each of Trump’s ill-judged comment, for each one you get right you score points for the Democrats — so make sure you get them right!



Migrations in Motion

The Nature Conservancy

Data Visualisation

Climate change is having a profound effect on the earth as it alters habitats and disrupts ecosystems. This data visualisation by The Nature Conservatory shows the average direction mammals, birds, and amphibians need to move to track hospitable climates as they shift across the landscape.

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Data Blog
With work becoming less physically demanding and people living longer and healthier lives, you’re likely to notice more older people in the workplace today. However, there are fewer choices, lower pay, and more rejections — possibly a sign of age discrimination? This data blog by TheUpshot dives into some interesting data showing the type of jobs that older people are likely to be hired for compared to younger people.

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Global Migration
Interactive Module
Migration has been a big topic of late, and it’s a very interesting one from a data visualisation perspective. This great interactive model by Nikola Sander, Guy J. Abel & Ramon Bauer shows migration flows between and within regions for five-year periods between 1990 to 2010.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.15.27

Well, just in case you don’t have your life in order — who does? — then this quiz by Andrea and Will is here to save you! Ever considered being a rapper? If yes, then they have an interview with Lil Dicky where he drops some insightful tips on what it’s like to rap for a living. Or maybe that’s not your thing and instead you’re leaning towards on an earthship. Take the quiz and see where you end up — it may be life-changing.


National Geographic
Interactive Module
Maps are fascinating. Exploring different parts of the world from your computer or phone always seems like sci-fi, even though it’s been around for quite some time now. This interactive module by National Geographic lets you make your own map, and the great part is that you can add layers, for example you can add the Gross Domestic Product of countries and see how they compare. Have a play!

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Office for National Statistics
Scrollable Story
The number of weddings taking place is going down — but why? Well, there are numerous reasons you could point at, and this scrollable story by Office of National Statistics gives an excellent historical breakdown. For example, from 1950 to 1969, men were entitled to tax benefits if they married at any point during that tax year. This led to high numbers of marriages in March compared to all other months.

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Interactive Module
One day we may be able to fly to Mars and set up camp, but at the moment we have to admire it from a distance. This map is based Nasa’s Messenger Mission and it’s stunning. Have a browse!