August 22, 2016
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With the 2016 Summer Olympics coming to a close today in Rio, every publisher worth a medal or two has been producing static and interactive content based on and around the Olympics. Sport events are data-rich anyway and the Olympics is definitely no exception so the content possibilities have been endless and publishers around the world are going above and beyond. The best part is that we still have even more amazing content to come from the Paralympics starting on the 7th September. Check out what we’ve stumbled upon this week below.

track cycling financial times

On Your Marks

Financial Times


Get your trigger fingers ready people, it’s time to see how quick you are off the mark. This fun little interactive by the Financial Times puts you in the shoes of an Olympic athlete who’s about to start a race and you have to click your mouse on the “Go!” signal. See how your compare to everyone else, are you fast enough?

Katie Ledecky swim USA gold medal world record

Katie Ledecky and the enternity of 11 seconds

NY Times

Data story

11 seconds is quite a long time, well, in the world of racing other people it’s actually huge. This is the distance by which Katie Ledecky won her 800-meter freestyle. NY Times break down the details of how Katie blew away her opponents and how it compares to her other races.

usain bolt world record data visualisation
The New York Times
Data story
Imagine being able to say to someone “I’m the fastest man in the world since 1896”. It’s definitely a mic-drop line, but wouldn’t score well on the modesty meter. Anyway, only Usain Bolt could get away with it — and that’s because it’s true. And if anyone was thinking of disagreeing, then The New York Times have produced a lovely data story visualising this impressive achievement. When will the 100m be run in 0 seconds? That’d be weird.

usain bolt data story the guardian
The Guardian
Data story
Talking of Usain Bolt, it’s quite fun seeing him leave his opponents in the dust. His dominance has become normal, and sometimes we need to be reminded of just how great he is. In this data story by The Guardian, they breakdown his 200m Olympic gold medal win — the first man to win three Olympic 200m titles.

simone biles gymnastics data visualization
The New York Times
Scrollable story
As awe-inspiring as Usain Bolt is Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, who by the age of 19 has already won the most gold medals in the history of the world championships. She’s also the first woman to win three consecutive all-around titles there. Look out for her signature move which is officially known as “The Biles”.

data story the guardian great britain olympics rio
The Guardian
Data story
Another great Olympic Gold breakdown by The Guardian, this time on how Britain won gold in Team Pursuit. And what a fascinating race it was, with Australia leading for the first 2 kilometres but Britain finally winning with a record-breaking time.

olympic gold value medal 2016 rio infographic
Visual Capitalist
If you win gold at the Olympics, do you actually win gold? Well, metaphorically yes, but the gold medals handed out are actually 99% silver with a thin layer of gold plating. This infographic by JM Bullion gives you everything you need to know about the Olympic medals and how much they’re worth.

rio olympics social media countries

Social Samosa
During high profile events like the Olympics, social media tends to go a little crazy, with people all over the world posting about broken records, shock wins etc. etc. Unsurprisingly, Brazil has been the most talked about country in the Olympics. See what other things have been popular on social media during the Olympics in this infographic by Social Samosa.