Oliver Azadi
November 11, 2022
Reading time:
2 min

Our CEO, Richard Silvester, will be presenting at the next EdTech World Forum 2022 in London, UK, on November 16th. Richard will be sharing his thoughts on how data storytelling can drive positive EdTech outcomes.

Education is increasingly focussed on audience outcomes, whether it be for students understanding nationwide opportunities, employers being informed on the mobilisation of the workforce or policymakers gathering shared knowledge for a more inclusive and equitable environment.

Richard is going to present some of the easy to use tools we’ve recently crafted for our partners, backed with comprehensive data. Plus he’ll be revealing some frameworks and resources we use daily at infogr8 to help organisations deliver data for not just for the highly data fluent few but for the wider society.

If you’re interested in insight tools and solutions that support your workforce education or community efforts, reach out to us at [email protected].