Jane Zhang
October 17, 2023
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Welcome to the fifth issue of the Creative Community newsletter from infogr8. Every couple of months, I share a roundup of dataviz updates and upcoming opportunities to work with us.

Since last time out, infogr8 has been investing much of its resources to position the team as a data consultancy with sector-specific expertise, namely in EdTech, Sustainability, and Healthcare.

As part of these efforts, we’re revisiting one of our most valuable business development tools: our website. Our team is in the middle of redesigning it to better reflect our vision for infogr8 and the quality of work we deliver. We hope to have this completed later this year.

Opportunities to work with us:

  • Call for writers: We still have slots open for November and December. You’ll get a chance to work with editors who will help you develop your piece, and you’ll be compensated for the published article. See the current writing themes for more info.

  • Lead Information Designer: We’re looking for an experienced Lead Information Designer with modern flair to lead the creative visual outputs across our purpose-driven projects.

  • Creative Technologist: We’re looking for a Creative Technologist, a data specialist who can find the art of possibility across data, beauty and the clients we serve every day.

What’s Happening in Data Viz

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Preparing yourself for client presentations

This is a brand new section in the newsletter, dedicated to sharing helpful tips with data viz freelancers on working with clients. 

Stewart, our GM of Sustainability, draws from his experience working with our network of collaborators on how you can set yourself up for success when presenting your ideas.

Preparation is key to presenting concepts, designs, prototypes or the final product to clients. You may have dreamed up the most incredible, unique concept that meets all of the client’s needs, and lands a huge impact on the desired audience. But if the presentation is under-prepared, it will show, and might leave a negative first impression of your work.

My tip is to prepare the presentation in advance, and to frame it as a story. Tell me a little bit about how you got here, and walk me through it. The walkthrough is especially key. Some practitioners talk of the ‘golden path’ — and this is really important.

As you present the designs, everything should almost run to script, with no surprises as you navigate through the journey. You can show the client the story of your work, and express in clear terms how it helps them to achieve the goals of this project.

Preparation can also mean making sure you are in a quiet place (if remotely presenting): minimal disturbances, your tech is working, not leaving halfway through to find a charger for your battery. Ensure there’s minimal distraction between you, your client and your story.

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