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December 14, 2023
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The Creative Community update is a bimonthly newsletter sent to our network of data specialists summarising the latest news and resources in the data viz world. We also include opportunities to work with us, such as contributing to our community articles or collaborating for client projects.

As many parts of the world begin to wind down for the holidays, it creates the perfect environment to start reflecting on the past year and goals to set for the next. I came across the idea of a brag document to track your accomplishments.

Designers are naturally very humble (at least the ones I’ve come across) and as a consequence are terrible advocates of their own work. If you’re a victim of imposter syndrome, a brag document is a great way to combat it; it’s a form of evidence (data if you will) to visibly show you the good work you’re doing. Give it a go and see just how far you’ve come!

2024 Writing Themes

We just published new themes from February to June 2024. You can preview them here. Stay tuned in your inbox as we will send a note when we start accepting pitches in January.

Come work with us as our Creative Technologist

We’re still seeking applications for this full-time role. Apply if you love to find the art of possibility across data. Full job description here.

Here’s what Piero Zagami, an information designer we’ve previously worked with, said about his experience at infogr8:

“Infogr8 has demonstrated to adapt in these uncertain times, embracing a new flexible structure that works well with remote freelancers like me. The breadth and depth of briefs are refreshing and inspiring: from data-driven digital platforms to NGOs that use data for humanitarian goals.”

To apply, share your CV and cover letter to [email protected] and simply respond to the following in 300 words or less: Show us the 3-5 most interesting opportunities in creative technology in the data visualisation space.

Trending Data Viz

Here’s a really fun physical data viz for the Swifties out there.


  • Data, Viz, + Design Delights: Brittany Rosenau has started a new monthly roundup of dataviz updates. Check out what’s been published so far.
  • IEEE VIS 2023: The premier forum for dataviz wrapped their annual conference in Australia at the end of October. Catch up on highlights via the IEEE VIS X account.
  • IronViz 2024: Explore 194 submissions from this year’s global qualifier contest.
  • Information+ 2023: Catch up on the highlights from this year’s conference on interdisciplinary practices in information design and visualisation.
  • 2023 Information is Beautiful Awards: The full list of winners were announced during the awards ceremony in November. The “Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2023” won the coveted Most Beautiful Award.
  • Illustrator’s Text to Vector Graphic feature: This seems like a fun feature to render illustrations or explore ideas. It also reminds me of Canva’s Magic Studio. Have you tried this out yet?
  • Figma new updates: Supercharge your design workflow with Figma Variables, that allow you to store reusable values.
  • Pudding Cup 2023: The winners who created the best visual and data-driven stories this year were announced this week.
  • Data-driven little pictures of climate: The winner was announced at COP28 for this challenge which raises awareness on climate change and spark climate action.

Dataviz books just published

Upcoming Events

  • Config 2024 (June 26-27, 2024): The sixth edition of Figma’s conference is packed with programming, featuring 75 speakers on design systems, AI, development, and more.
  • Outlier 2024 (June 12-14, 2023): Outlier is back in Chicago, headlining with ‘Positive Disruption’.

Learning resources

  • Things I’ve learnt in my first year at Datawrapper: An ex-Wall Street Journal interaction designer recounts his experience as a developer at Datawrapper.
  • Checklist Design: I don’t know about you, but I love myself a good checklist! Although not comprehensive, this page offers a good starting guide on considerations when you design web pages, UI elements, or branding components.
  • Shiny UI Editor: A drag-and-drop editor to build Shiny applications.

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