James Hogg
January 20, 2024
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A new year means new beginnings, and we’re thrilled to announce that Martina Zunica has joined infogr8 as our Information Design Lead!



Based in Milan and Luxembourg, Martina is an information designer dedicated to transforming data into powerful narratives. With a focus on visual storytelling and a creative, vibrant approach, she specialises in crafting original and compelling data visualisations, infographics and reports.

“I truly believe in the versatility of data representation, making data speak visually in diverse ways,” says Martina. “I founded a community of data viz practitioners on Telegram, where we explore the impact of small data on our daily lives through the Journal DataViz Challenge.”


“When I’m not crafting visual narratives, you can find me injecting a bit of fun into the mix. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching Information Design at university, speaking at international conferences and facilitating workshops where people can dive into the exciting world of visualising data.”

“A fun fact about me: I bring a touch of Italian flair into the mix, and my go-to comfort food is (of course) pizza!”

Here’s infogr8 founder and CEO Richard Silvester on Martina’s arrival:

“As we continue to help clients do more with their data creatively, we continue to unearth new talent who possess all the hallmarks of compelling data experiences. Martina knows what great looks like – she puts her feet into the user’s shoes, and respects information design principles without being afraid to push the boundaries. Hers is a highly creative and eloquent hand for designing data with flair and freedom.”

“This is just one of the ways we see data, insight and intelligence bringing demonstrable value to a wide range of audiences, not just the analysts and economists out there.”

“It’s a total pleasure to welcome Martina in, as we continue to enrich our remote-only culture (hello Luxembourg! 🇱🇺) and nurture people who love what they do in this growing, discerning area of how we experience data visually.”

You can connect with Martina on LinkedIn or see more of her work over on Behance or Instagram.

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