Richard Silvester
March 16, 2014
Reading time:
2 min

Guinness, one of the most iconic beer brands in the world is often considered healthier than other drinks due to its supposed high content of iron. But do you know healthy? As St. Patrick’s Day, the most celebrated and loved holidays among Irish community is upon us, the question popped in the office, so we decided to dig into the facts, and create a story around it and visualise the findings. As it turns out, the iron content in Guinness is rather poor compared to our other everyday foods we consume as part of our recommended daily intake. In fact, you’d need to drink three pints of Guinness to provide the same amount of iron as a single egg yolk! So we decided to play around with other high sources of iron and visualise these against the mighty Guinness.



Although the purpose of the story is myth busting, the motive behind the infographic design is a celebration of one of the most creative and experimental brands in the world through the eyes of a beloved cultural holiday. No matter what the facts may be, we are here to celebrate this amazing holiday together and that is what Guinness is all about: joining the crowd, enjoying a pint of good ol’ beer and having fun with friends.

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