Richard Silvester
May 26, 2016
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Column Five

Mixed format


Exploring the stigma attached to menstruations, Column Five put together a fascinating 3 parts interactive visualisation in order to raise awareness for Woman’s Health Week and Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28). Grouping 3 formats – scrolling story, interactive and quiz – People for Periods relates historical beliefs as well as religious taboos in a direct and impactful way.

The Next Rembrandt 
JWT, ING, Microsoft, Superhero Cheesecake

Scrollable story

He may put his paint-brush to rest in 1669, but nearly 350 years since the great master’s death a group of of art historians, developers, scientists, engineers and data geeks have managed to bring him back to life. No we do a period of 18-months the team was able to recreate his style of painting perfectly, even down to the raised brush marks left by the artists hand, meaning that we could essentially create rembrandt paintings forever allowing the great artists legacy continue.

The portrait is of a 17th century man that looks exactly like Rembrandt’s work. The painting consists of over 148 million pixels and is based on more than 160,000 fragments from the artist’s works. Printed with 13 layers, some 3d printed to recreate the artist’s brush strokes of paint-based UV ink. Go and admire the faithful recreation of this masters work in this beautiful scrollable story here

The World’s Busiest Airport 
Travel Weekly 

Domestic and international travel is very much on the rise and our airports are getting busier and busier. Here’s an infographic looking at the 8 busiest airports in the world highlighting how many passengers passed through their corridors in 2015. We thought our ‘beloved’ Heathrow would come in first place but the result might surprise you…


We doubt King Richard III was nimble enough to score many football hat tricks back in his day, but he certainly seams to have given a boost to the current day Leicester City Football Club. Their Premier League win came after narrowly escaping relegation just one season ago, and Signal Noise have created an infographic which highlights this remarkable turnaround. The remains of Richard III were reinterred in Leicester Cathedral on 26th March 2015, and the Foxes saw a streak immediately coming their way, and they just kept coming. Coincidence, or royal intervention? You decide.

How nations compete on technology, innovation, and financial development

Interactive Graphic
Quartz have produced a fantastic interactive graphic comparing each country’s relative economic strength using data from the Global Competitiveness Report. Each country’s relative economic strength is determined by analyzing twelve pillars–including capacity to innovate, infrastructure, and health factors. The map is easy to navigate using colour to determine areas that can be clicked on. Hovering over some of the data gives you a pop-up box which further explains the factor in more detail.
Scrollable story
Last Monday the WHO released a report with shocking news for all meat-lovers: processed meat causes cancer and red meat increases cancer risk. A panel of global experts have crafted the report after six months of extensive research and one week of meeting in Lyon, France to render a decision. So, processed meat and red meat join the list of 478 of carcinogens. But how does WHO decide what to declare as dangerous for our health? This scrollable story explains how the process to identify potential carcinogen agents works and divides them into five main categories. Interesting fact: so far, only one compound taken under scrutiny by WHO has been classified as not likely to give you cancer.

What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke

The renegade pharmacist
What happened one hour after this infographic went live? It went viral. Coca Cola is one of the most beloved brands on the planet, reaching beyond its product and becoming a pop culture icon in its own right. Even in a recent ad campaign featuring some of the biggest pop icons of the past in where Coca Cola claimed to have ‘kissed’ them, going on the popularity of the drink Worldwide most of us would say we have had a ‘kiss’ from coke at some point in our lives. But in reality we all know it doesn’t quite have the benefits of say water, but just what exactly happens to our bodies when we drink a can of coke? Well The Renegade Pharmacist has created a infographic that outlines what exactly happens to us on one hour after consuming the drink, and its pretty shocking stuff! The graphic brings you through each stage of how coke influences your system, from how your body fights off the insane sugar content (1 can is equal to 100% of your daily recommended sugar intake), which spikes your blood sugar to almost giddy levels, to the inevitable sugar crash that hits you an hour later.

How Startup Funding Works
Funders and Founders
It’s incredible to think that some of the worlds largest and most valuable companies such as Apple started life in basements and garages. But everything has to start from and idea, and as companies grow they go through a number of stages which involves co-founders, friends and family, venture capitalists, and anyone who is willing to buy shares. At each stage the slice of the pie that any individual owns decreased, however the increasing value of the company ensures everyone is rewarded with an increased return.