May 26, 2016
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In this week’s ICYMI – We look at a variety of topics, from Google’s impact in the White House to Interactive food tracker modules and the monitoring of homelessness in New York City. Great visualisations using good data!


Terraforming Mars: A Practical Guide


Keen on moving to Mars? All you’ll need is a couple of thermonuclear weapons, some giant orbital mirrors and to genetically engineer some algae, bacteria and plants. Easy. This infographic details in four stages how we’ll all move to Mars in the event of a ‘catastrophe on the same scale as the asteroid that wiped out the dinoasaurs’. Awesome. They’ve wisely included a section on potential problems. Looks like they’ve thought of everything, when do we pack our bags?

A 20 year comparison of Apple, Microsoft and IBM

2D Animation 

If you’ve ever wondered what you might have made from a $1000 (US) investment in Apple, Microsoft or IBM back in the early 90s, this data visualisation might hit a bit of a sore point. The animation details all the highs and lows of the tech giants history including the dot-com bubble and stock-market crash. It’s fascinating to see how each company took the hit. But, as of July 2015, you could have had just under £120,000. Just saying.

Monitoring Poverty in New York City

Scrollable story

“New York is arguably the richest city in the world, and yet we still have over 1.8 million New Yorkers living in poverty” – David Saltzman from charity Robin Hood.

In conjunction with Columbia University’s Population Resrarch center, poverty-fighting charity Robin Hood conducted a survey and collated all that data into this easy to digest, but hard to stomach, scrollable story. Their aim was to demonstrate the difference between the data we have by Government definitions of poverty and the actual numbers. The data has so many dimensions meaning each stage can be explored from multiple angles, such as age, education level, race and gender. It’s the type of data that will definitely make you think about your own city.

How University students sleep

Interactive visualisation 

Following Jawbone interactive visualisation female university students appear to be wiser than their male counterparts. Sleeping longer and waking up earlier, they also tend to exercise more. Both genders however don’t get enough sleep half of the time. Unsurprisingly the military school Air Force Academy is the first to go to bed, while the last university to do so is Columbia. Party or late homework, unfortunately the study doesn’t provide with details.


The Intercept

Interactive Module 

Google certainly like to have their finger in as many pies as possible. The company behind the world’s most powerful search engine have been snuggling up with some of the most powerful political minds on the planet. Just how much influence this buys Google isn’t really clear, but as court cases against the company continue to mount, it probably does not hurt to have friends in high places. These interactive modules created by Accurat for The Intercept highlight the growing friendship between White House members and Google employees, and we can investigate over 400 meeting and who was present in each. There has also been quite a lot of bed swapping, with 252 individuals switching jobs form one to the other. It’s appears to be a relationship made in heaven, and we will continue to monitor how these love birds get on.



Vita Mojo 

Interactive module 

To lazy to cook, but want a nice tasty takeaway that you can customise to all of your dietary needs, and compare all those calories and carbs in a handy dashboard? Yeah, when pork chops fly. Well not if you are using Vita Mojo. This deliciously simple website interface allows us to adjust portions sizes by ingredient, and see how this affects the nutritional values in scrumptious chart form. Just click “customise” and prepare to pig out, knowing exactly what what you are shoving down your throats.

Diadora – Make it Bright
Interactive Module

A visual interactive module that showcases the diadoras new range of footwear and how the product was delivered from Italy: A series of runners made the delivery on foot and this interactive module showcases the info in a great  interactive data visulisation.



Scrollable story

To have a successful startup, you need: a great idea, a great market, a great team, a great product, and great execution. This visually inspiring scrolable story showcases some unique illustrations and a well summarised bunch of info that keeps the reader intrigued and learning.