April 26, 2016
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Millennials and Spotify



Spotify may be battling the likes of Tidal, Apple Music and Youtube Red for the music streaming service crown but at least it knows its audience – millennials. Spotify handed over its data to AdWeek showing that millennials are connected to the service from the moment they wake up and through a variety of devices. 72% of all U.S weekly streams on Spotify are by millennials so marketers keen to reach out to this group will definitely find use in this infographic.


Shipwrecks around the UK

Dive Magazine


History buff or diving enthusiast (or wannabe pirate..)? Download this infographic and hop into the car because you’re going on a road trip around the UK. This infographic explores shipwrecks from the Orkney Islands in Scotland right down to the southern coast of Cornwall. If you’re actually planning a trip to any of these sites or just want to know more, there’s detailed information on each ship and whether you can dive it below the map.


keeping up with the Queen

Keeping up with the Queen


 As everyone, including the Google homepage, wished the Queen well for her 90th birthday, Passion Digital (Hyperlink: celebrated by creating an interactive timeline of her life. Pop your age in and you can find out what Her Majesty was doing at your age. Whilst she was being knighted at age 26, we were looking forward to a weekend of Netflix. Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

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The sinking of the Titanic in REAL TIME.

The Sinking of the Titanic Youtube

Animated video

Ever wondered what the sinking of the titanic was really like? If you have a spare 2 hours and 40 minutes, you can find out in this animated video that details every single moment of that dreadful night in 1912. For those of you who are curious but only have a few minutes spare, the video lists each moment so you can skip forward to the ‘best’ bits.


Stephen Curry’s 3-Point Record in Context: Off the Charts

The New York Times

Interactive Module 

Stephen Curry is on fire. On February 27, the basketball scoring machine made 12 3-pointers in a single game, and has just finished the regular season with a record 402 3-pointers. In doing so he smashes the NBA all-time record set only last year (yes, he was responsible for that one too). To put his most recent feat into some perspective, the New York Times has created an interactive module which allows us to explore the 3-pointer high scorers in every season since 1980. What we see is a steadily improving set of skills being demonstrated on the court over time, with years shown as a colour gradient. This guy is could probably make shots from within the courtside seats. Who knows what next years chart will look like. 

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KLM iFly 50


Scrollable story 

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about traveling to the furthest, most wondrous corners of the Earth, it’s KLM. Not all of us though have been lucky enough to be so well traveled, but we can experience fifty breathtaking reasons to travel right from our desktop in this scrollable story. Picking our five favourite destinations enters us into a draw to win tickets to one of these places. The integration of video and other internet wizardry makes these places even more breathtaking, and picking just five is going to be tough to say the least.  

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Understanding the
Cosmic Web

Kim Albrecht at the Centre for Complex Network Research

Interactive visualisation 

Dive into the the space to observe the cosmic web, these strands of gas and dark matter linking galaxies together. The first few images of the phenomenon have been painstakingly obtained by astronomers in 2014, which explains why the Cosmic Web visualisation has been built relying on mathematic models more than empirical observations. 

The project features GIFs, videos, an abstract as well as an interactive visualisation. Amongst its various features it allows users to vary the model length in order to understand connexions linking nodes (i.e. galaxies) together. For example the larger the node, the longer will filaments (connexions) be. Smaller nodes will display shorter filaments.

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World Map of Political Regimes 1816-2011

Max Roser for the Development Research Institute

Interactive map 

Ever wondered what paved the way for your country’s current political leadership? Roser’s straightforward visualisation answers your question with a map displaying the evolution of political regimes by country for almost 200 years. If in 1816 the world appears as if dipped into a warm palette made of red (autocracies) and yellow (colonies), 2011’s colours are thankfully closer to blue (open anocracies and democracies). A lesson of history at your fingertips, enjoy!

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