April 8, 2016
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In Space We Trust: The History of Space Exploration


Interactive animation

Take one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind through this interactive animation of the history of space. From Sputnik 1 in 1957, you can walk through space (at your own pace) taking in each milestone, right up until 2015 when we flew past Pluto for the very first time. 

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Panama Papers: Where’s the money hiding? (Sooo topical!)

Brian Kilmartin


Ah, the Panama Papers. So much data, so little time. There’s a thousand infographics on this topic at the moment but we think this one answers the main question: Where is all the money hiding? Search throughout the globe and zoom in on countries and companies and how many clients, beneficiaries, and shareholders there are by country. Although, that probably just answers one question and sprouts a thousand others.

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Krispy Kreme Kafe and Gym 

Lorna Eden 

Interactive Tools 

Listen up you fat pigs, those Krispy Kreme sugary delights can come at a huge cost to your health, but Tableau wizard Lorna Eden has you covered with this delicious interactive tool. Krispy Kreme Kafe and Gym has been created to help us calculate how much exercise it would take to work off up to three of these doughy delights, with suggestions such as five hours of yoga, or two hours of biking. Personally, we are going to opt for just over four hours of golf, now where did we put our clubs?

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Big-budget films are getting worse — and we can prove it


Data Blog

Blockbusters of yesteryear were often considered all time classics by critics and moviegoers alike, with the original Star Wars, Superman, Jaws getting respect from all during the 1970s. Unfortunately, we live in a very different world now, one in which we have to share with director Michael Bay. Now, Vox have come up with the evidence that proves what we all expected, big-budget movies are getting worse. Using box office revenue and Metacritic scores allows them to calculate “$ per point”. With the latest Batman v Superman doing gangbusters at the box-office, despite being panned by anyone who knows what they are talking about, it looks like this is a trend which looks set to continue. 

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Unfiltered news 

by Jigsaw

Data-driven website

Even with the internet being as large as it with almost endless possibilities to receive varying news stories of every subject, we seem to be creatures of habit and once we have found a news source we like, we usually stick with it and on average consumers only access 1.52 trusted news sources on their phones, according to the 2015 Reuters Digital News Report. So how do we diversify people’s news sources? Well this is the question that Jigsaw, the tech innovation think-tank formerly known as Google Ideas, went about solving with their data-driven website Unfiltered.News ( The experiment uses Google News data to show users the news stories which are popular across the globe or stories that are being underreported in a selected region. The main screen becomes a map data visualisation showing the topics being reported in countries as bubble charts, while a column on the right shows news that is being reported widely elsewhere in the world, but aren’t in the top 100 stories on Google News in the selected country. Go have an explore and see what stories you may be missing out on today.

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If The World Were 100 People | GOOD Data

GOOD Magazine


When trying to visualise global statistics about people the sheer volume of numbers can be a little overwhelming, so what would the world look like if we imagined the worlds 7.4 billion inhabitants were represented by just 100 people? Thats exactly what GOOD magazine have done by bringing us this great video visualising just that. Taking global statics and proportionally reducing them down a very manageable 100 people we are presented comparisons on location, gender, religion, wealth, language and many more variables, highlighting many of the inequalities and similarities across the globe. Go and watch for a simple yet powerful presentation of facts that puts global statistics into perspective. 

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City Weather Patterns Explode into Colourful Visualisations in This Infographic

Visual News 


Using data collected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), Rougeux Has created this awe inspiring data visualisatoin Infographic. The Goal here was to use data to craft creative and visually appealing “Paintball Splatters”, each representing the weather for various cities across the world.

Screenshot 2016-04-08 15.19.52

Game Of Thrones’ Viewership vs. Major Character Deaths: Infographic



Ahhh, Its nearly that time again #GoT – delving deep into the much anticipated 6th season from HBO’s Game of Thrones, we’ve found this great retrospective infographic showing the viewership in the US  against the Major character deaths we’ve seen in the previous 5 Seasons!  While we all cant wait to finally understand what the fate of Jon Snow will be, its good to have a look back at the series so far, in order to tide ourselves over until the 24th of April season premier!     Screenshot 2016-04-08 14.40.56